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The weather in Corfu is typically Mediterranean. It is characterised by hot and sunny summers and mild winters with high rainfalls. The best period for you to travel to Corfu is from May to September. But even in April or October, the weather is also pleasant and warm. The range of average daytime temperatures is around 21 oC and 26 oC. May is usually a warm month, but keep in mind it may arise rain or even thunderstorm for a couple of days. In June the weather is hot and sunny. The maximum temperature normally fluctuates around 27 oC. At nights, remember to have o jacket with you. Most of the times, it has a slight breeze. July and August are the warmest months when the temperature touches 30 oC and sometimes it can touch even 33-35 oC. Luckily, the sea is quite cool and swimming is quite enjoyable! September and October have a nice average temperature and they are perfect for holidays. Sometimes the weather is a little shaky but it is just for a few days. Until mid - November the weather is still nice and it is a perfect time for those that want quiet and calm holidays.

Corfu climate differs from the climate of other Ionian Islands due to its thermal winds that get really strong in some parts of the island. Corfu has a high level of humidity even during summertime, as an island it is surround by the sea. The villages in higher altitude like ... and .... provide dryer and cooler climate.

The best time to go to Corfu for sunbathing and relaxation is from June to September. If you are sports lover also hiking and walking are also perfect in May and from September to November.

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